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Eminem Releases Surprise Album ‘Kamikaze', Listen and Download

Eminem Releases Surprise Album ‘Kamikaze', Listen and Download

Eminem's angry. We like him when he's angry... SEE FULL
Eminem is not happy. We know because he tells us, in the opening seconds of ‘Kamikaze’, like he’s psyching himself up: “I feel like I want to punch the world in the fucking face right now“.

He’s upset, mostly, about the fact that people didn’t like his last album, the not-particularly-great ‘Revival’, released on December 15, 2017. That LP continued down a course he’d been set on since 2010’s ‘Recovery’, an Eminem that had lost sight of the cartoon devil fans first fell for in the late ’90s. Latter-day Eminem was earnest, goddy, flawed, lacking confidence even, and on ‘Revival’, pointedly political too. 
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