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Google’s Top 10 Most Searched Personalities

Google’s Top 10 Most Searched Personalities

Recently, Google published the list of the most searched names in Nigeria. This shows that the change in technology has no effect whatsoever on people’s taste or appeal.
A lot of people will find it surprising to see some names make the first 10 most searched people in Nigeria since 2008:

Number 10: Phyno


The name at number 10 is Phyno and yes some people are going, huh?!!! But he made the list of people most searched for.

Number 9: Nicki Minaj

When Nicki Minaj sauntered into the world of hip-hop, she had one thing on her mind, and it was to claim the throne of the Queen of rap.

Number 8: Rihanna

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Number 7: Lionel Messi

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Number 6: Cristiano Ronaldo

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Number 5: Davido

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Number 4: Muhammadu Buhari

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Number 3: Olamide

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Number Two: Wizkid

Number One: Linda Ikeji

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