Recently, Google published the list of the most searched names in Nigeria. This shows that the change in technology has no effect whatsoever on people’s taste or appeal.
A lot of people will find it surprising to see some names make the first 10 most searched people in Nigeria since 2008:

Number 10: Phyno


The name at number 10 is Phyno and yes some people are going, huh?!!! But he made the list of people most searched for.

Number 9: Nicki Minaj

When Nicki Minaj sauntered into the world of hip-hop, she had one thing on her mind, and it was to claim the throne of the Queen of rap.

Number 8: Rihanna

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Number 7: Lionel Messi

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Number 6: Cristiano Ronaldo

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Number 5: Davido

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Number 4: Muhammadu Buhari

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Number 3: Olamide

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Number Two: Wizkid

Number One: Linda Ikeji

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